Exclusive font families from Linotype Library – March 6, 2002

The new Linotype Platinum Collection

Bad Homburg, 6 March 2002. Linotype has recently brought out the Platinum Collection for professional typographers who need fully developed font families that meet the highest standards of quality and design. It has updated six of its exclusive type classics and put each one on a CD for this series. The font families included so far in this attractive collection are Linotype Frutiger™ Next, Linotype Univers™, Linotype Syntax,™ Linotype Syntax™ Serif, Linotype Syntax™ Letter, and Linotype Compatil™.

Linotype Frutiger™ Next is one of the classic types of the twentieth century. It was designed in 1970 by Adrian Frutiger for the signage in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris but was soon adopted for many other applications where clear, legible type was required. This type, which sets the standard for legibility, was included in the Linotype type library in 1977, and since then it has undergone continuous improvement. Linotype Frutiger™ Next is now available in 18 different type styles.

Linotype Univers™ is a fully revised version of the 1957 type classic Original Univers™, also created by Adrian Frutiger. In the production of this update, special attention was paid to refining the range and to expanding it from the original 27 type styles to 63, with all spacing carefully harmonized. On-screen display quality was also optimized.

Linotype Syntax™, designed in 1968 by Hans Eduard Meier, has 30 different type styles. Its form is similar to that of Renaissance Antiqua; but a direct comparison reveals its enhanced reader-friendliness, thanks to a lack of serifs and smaller differences in bar widths. Because of the balanced fit that can be achieved with Linotype Syntax™, it is excellent for use in longer texts. In cooperation with Hans Eduard Meier, Linotype Library has brought out the Linotype Syntax™ family as a new, exclusive type in the Platinum Collection.

Linotype Syntax™ Serif is based on the basic shapes of Linotype Syntax™, but there is a stylistic influence from Renaissance Antiqua. The 30 type styles include small caps and non-lining figures. They work well with the other variant styles to produce a harmonious result.

Linotype Syntax™ Letter is a clear contrast to all the other Syntax™ styles, as it has echoes of a rusticated, Roman-style majuscule font. It has 24 types styles and 10 bonus styles, and is popular for use in modern office communications.

Linotype Compatil’s 16 type styles represent a visual metric concept which fulfills the highest standards in terms of both design and function. The almost unlimited options for combining the individual components of Exquisit, Fact, Letter, and Text make this modern type system ideal for use in complex premium communications, such as annual reports.

All the type families in the Platinum Collection have an integrated, type-specific euro symbol and are available on hybrid CD-ROM in TrueType and PostScript format for Macs and PCs. Each CD is packaged in an exclusively designed aluminum holder. The prices of the individual type families range from 543.10 to 1,293.10 euros plus tax. The Linotype Compatil collection costs 2,534.61 euros.

Additional information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the Internet at www.linotypelibrary.com
If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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