Linotype Library presents a new edition – May 2002

All the Gill Sans fonts on one CD

Bad Homburg, May 2002: Following the success of the Helvetica™ family CD, Linotype Library has now brought out all 15 Gill Sans™ styles in one edition. For the first time ever, the font named after the famous type designer Eric Gill is available on one CD. All the fonts on the CD have been brought up to the latest standards and have an integrated euro symbol.

Eric Gill was a skilled craftsman and also a gifted artist. Born on February 22, 1882 in Brighton, England, he was a stonemason, sculptor, wood carver, essayist, and type cutter. Perhaps the typical discreet charm of his creations stems from the fact that, right up until his death on November 17, 1940, he always regarded himself first and foremost as a craftsman. On his gravestone he described himself as a stonemason, a skill that encompasses both of the activities that made him famous: carving stone and cutting type.

Gill has a special place in the history of typography in England. By the time he was 30, he was already well known as a sculptor. In his spare time he designed lettering, for example shop signs for the English bookstore chain W.H. Smith and for Inselverlag publishers in Leipzig.

In 1924 he retreated to a remote monastery in the mountains of Wales and dedicated the next ten years of his life to typography.

The fonts designed by Gill are as versatile as the craftsman/artist who created them. In his most famous fonts – Gill Sans™ (1927–30) and Perpetua™ (1929–30) – the hand of a type cutter can clearly be seen behind the creativity. Gill’s other fonts too, from Golden Cockerell™ Roman and Solus™ (both 1929) to Joanna (1930–1), Aries™, and Floriated Capitals™ (both 1932) to Bunyan (known later as Pilgrim) and Jubilee™ (both 1934), all reflect his striving to achieve a perfect balance of beauty and form. These fonts are also in the Linotype Library program.

Type-specific euro symbols have been added to all 15 styles of Gill Sans™. The collection is available on a single hybrid CD – for Macintosh in PostScript format, for Windows PCs in PostScript and also in TrueType for some styles. The price of this edition is just 99,14 euros.

Further information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the internet at

If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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