Rediscovering an old font – June 7, 2002

Linotype Library brings out a new edition of the ITC Franklin Gothic family

Bad Homburg, June 7th 2002 – This is just what fans of ITC Franklin Gothic® have been waiting for. Linotype Library has now upgraded all 20 styles in this font family (complete with integrated euro symbol) and put them on one easy-to-use CD. The idea of presenting an entire font family on one CD comes from the recent Neue Helvetica™ CD that was a big success. The combination of functionality and design in this new Franklin Gothic® edition will be very attractive to typography professionals.

Strong typefaces convey clear messages. Morris Fuller Benson realized this 96 years ago when he developed the first styles of Franklin Gothic®. Benson, who was born in Milwaukee in the United States in 1872, showed an early talent for typography; and as the son of one of the founding members of the American Type Founders Company (ATF), he was virtually predestined to become a type designer. After a career as an engineer (also at ATF), that’s just what he did become.

Benson wasn’t just a pragmatist, someone with a systematic approach to problem-solving. He was also an artist, with a keen sensitivity for lettering design. Early on in his career, he explored the idea of developing an entire font family as a way of putting an end to the typographic confusion that existed in his day. Over the years, he produced more than 200 fonts, including such well-known ones as Franklin Gothic®, Bodoni™, and Garamond™.

Benson created the first Franklin Gothic® styles in 1903, and the family was complete by 1912. The American type company ITC expanded Franklin Gothic® into an even bigger family. This is now available in digital form on CD.

With this new edition of the entire ITC Franklin Gothic® family on one CD, Linotype Library is reviving Benson´s original idea of giving users the full range of styles of a single font family. This extensive collection is highly flexible, providing ample scope for tackling a wide range of jobs, and meets in full the highest standards of quality.

All styles are available on a single hybrid CD – for Macintosh in PostScript format, for Windows PCs in PostScript and also in TrueType for some styles. Many of the styles on the CD have an integrated, specially designed euro symbol. This CD, with all 20 ITC Franklin Gothic styles, costs just 116,38 euros.

Additional information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the Internet at
If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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