Germany’s best designed books of 2001 – June 13, 2002

Setting the standards in book art with Linotype fonts

Bad Homburg, June 13th 2002 – Over half of the books awarded the accolade of Germany´s Best Designed Books of 2001 were set in Linotype fonts. This competition, organized by the Stiftung Buchkunst, sets out each year to find the very best in book art – in typesetting, printing, illustration and binding. The competition catalogue for 2001 has recently been published, featuring the 42 prize-winners and seven special mentions chosen by a jury of top-ranking experts.

In this competition, which is now in its fiftieth year, the emphasis is on technical and craft skill. Experts examine in detail the quality of the typesetting, layout, reproductions, printing and binding. In a second stage the jurors assess the book as a whole, paying attention to the relationship between form and content, the concept behind the book and the typographic design. And considering whether the aesthetic design and technical implementation are successful in relation to the theme. In terms of overall impression, the choice of font plays a key role. When it comes to legibility, this choice can critically influence the success of the book as a whole.

Of the 49 award-winning books presented in the catalogue, 26 – that´s more than half – use exclusively Linotype fonts. Bruno Steinert, Managing Director of Linotype GmbH, is particularly proud of this: "This result is without doubt due also to the continuous developments we are making in the quality of Linotype fonts, and it underlines the world leadership of Linotype Library in the area of typography and type design."

The quality fonts of Stempel Garamond™, Frutiger™, Univers™ and Sabon™ were the top favorites for printing these ’Best Designed Books’. For more specialized applications, other fonts like ITC Conduit™ and ITC Galliard® were chosen. Of the books that were set in Linotype fonts, the jurors particularly liked the readability of the type, and the well thought out typographic design that was easy on the eye. Their comment on ITC Conduit™, for example, was that it showed "how typographic design can be both lively and functional at the same time".

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If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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