Customized type solutions for your corporate design – July, 2002

Linotype’s CorporateType service package

Bad Homburg, July 2002. Unique and instantly recognizable, esthetic, legible, and versatile – these are just some of the requirements of digital fonts in modern corporate communication. As the basis of corporate design, type plays a key role in the visual identity of a company. A new brochure entitled “CorporateType – Solutions for Corporate Design” brings you detailed information on the many and varied aspects that have to be taken into account when establishing a corporate font.

Eric Gill was a skilled craftsman and also a gifted artist. Born on February 22, 1882 in Brighton, England, he was a stonemason, sculptor, wood carver, essayist, and type cutter. Perhaps the typical discreet charm of his creations stems from the fact that, right up until his death on November 17, 1940, he always regarded himself first and foremost as a craftsman. On his gravestone he described himself as a stonemason, a skill that encompasses both of the activities that made him famous: carving stone and cutting type.

Linotype Library has the world’s leading font collection and over a century of experience in the business of typography. With CorporateType, it has developed a complete service package that supports the whole process of creating, developing, and implementing tailor-made corporate fonts. The first brochure about this service took a general, philosophical look at the subject, and now a second publication explains the technical details of this highly complex package.

“CorporateType – Solutions for Corporate Design” sets out the individual service components of this extensive package. It also analyzes the various aspects involved in developing, introducing, and improving a corporate font. This brochure will be of interest to all those who work with digital fonts in business – designers and advertising, marketing, and corporate communication experts and managers, controllers, and systems administrators. Each is sure to find in the CorporateType service package the components needed to reach a solution.
Already, many companies are putting their trust in the unique expertise of Linotype Library; and thanks to the CorporateType service package, they are ensuring that their people can concentrate totally on content. Linotype Library takes care of design, ergonomics, and the technical side. It also handles logistics and licenses around the world for global operators such as British Telecom, DEA, Deutsche Bank, General Electrics, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the Royal Mail, Siemens, SAP, and West LB.

Contact us if you would like a copy of “CorporateType – The Service Package from Linotype Library”.

Further information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the internet at

If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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