Innovative type system for quality communication – July 26, 2002

“Best of B2B” annual set in Linotype Compatil

Bad Homburg, July 26, 2002 – “Best of Business-to-Business 2002” is now available. Put together by “”, a leading association of communication professionals in Germany, this annual accompanies the 2002 Business-to-Business Awards, which took place in Frankfurt am Main on June 26. Featured in this high-quality publication, which is set entirely in the Linotype Compatil™ type system, are this year’s competition winners, along with articles on current themes and trends in B2B communication.

The work of the 21 winners of the 2002 Business-to-Business Awards shows what corporate communications should be like: imaginative, witty, creative, refreshing and highly professional. Messages must be clear and consistent, and carry smoothly through all components in the communications mix. Content, and also fonts, colors, photos, design, and visual appeal must be distinctive, expressive, internally consistent, and carefully balanced.

Given today’s requirement for integrated design across the whole spectrum of corporate communications, Linotype Library welcomes the use of the innovative type system Linotype Compatil in the “Best of Business-to-Business 2002” annual. Bruno Steinert, Managing Director of Linotype GmbH, praises the exclusive design of the book. He describes it as a visual work of art and highlights outstanding legibility as one of its key features. This shows once again, he says, that creative, quality-conscious communication professionals really appreciate the benefits of the Linotype Compatil™ type system.

Linotype Compatil™ is the first fully integrated type system in which all typographic elements can be freely combined for text presentation. Up to four different type styles can be used as required in the same text block, thanks to an integrated metric and visual concept. All the elements in the system harmonize perfectly with one another, despite the individual characteristics of the various styles, and they can be interchanged freely within the weights because all set widths are identical. Linotype Compatil is a universal type system that is ideal for all kinds of corporate communications – from websites to annual reports – and for books, magazines, and newspapers.

Full details about the Linotype Compatil™ type system are contained in the 42-page booklet “Das Lesen betreffend: Schriftsystem Linotype Compatil”. Please phone, fax, or e-mail Linotype Library (details below) to ask for your free copy.

Further information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the internet at

If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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