Professional, complete and easy to use: – September 6, 2002

GoldEdition 1.7 – optimized typefaces in the highest quality

Bad Homburg, September 6, 2002 – Linotype Library’s GoldEdition™ 1.7 is one of the largest libraries with over 3,980 original typefaces at superb technical quality in TrueType and Postscript. The library is ideal for professionals such as publishers, advertising and media agencies who need fast access to the classics as well as contemporary, trendy typefaces and who also rely on quality and technical expertise.
All major typefaces have been enhanced with an integrated individually designed Euro symbol. The usability and installation of the library has also been significantly optimized to provide extended usability.

To correspond with the introduction of the Euro as the official currency in twelve European countries, the GoldEdition update includes all major typefaces in PostScript and in TrueType for Macintosh and for Windows with specially individually designed Euro symbols that match perfectly with the typeface.
Based on over three years experience with thousands of users and fonts with the Euro symbol, Linotype has developed a bullet-proof, unbeatable Euro solution which is fully functional within the operating systems and all installed software and workflows. And as a result of this high demand on the fonts, Linotype’s GoldEdition™ 1.7 now comes with a double implementation of the Euro symbol.

All PostScript fonts of the latter version that include a Euro symbol have been remastered in order to provide an easy, efficient and fully-functional data exchange between Windows and Macintosh platforms. This is an elegant solution for those users who have to work on multiple platforms.

The GoldEdition™ 1.7 installation has been optimized and is an easy task thanks to many useful refinements. All major fonts and typefaces with a individualized Euro symbol have been renamed with a suffix “LT“. This guarantees that the installed fonts are not automatically substituted by the system. This means that the user can not only work with the new Euro-included fonts, but can in addition, access the older versions. This gives the users the highest flexibility and a great advantage in being able to use both fonts parallel. This is optimal for users for example in layout studios who have to install a large number of new fonts each day.

More usability: All Macintosh fonts are available in PostScript format. This is a huge time-saving for those Macintosh users who have had to convert fonts from another format.

A newly developed, extensive user documentation will be of great help to the user in case of technical questions regarding the evolution of the Euro symbols. This accompanying documentation on the CD, available in English, German and French, provides thorough details on the new encoding of the Euro symbols.
For quick access and ease of use, the optimized GoldEdition 1.7 comes with a new data structure which lists the fonts sorted by platform and format followed by single and family fonts.

The GoldEdition™ 1.7 including 3,980 typefaces is attractively priced at EUR 8,908.81. Included in the package is the GoldEdition™ 1.7 on CD or DVD format for Macintosh and Windows, the 1.6E catalog in which the contents of the fonts are identical, and a license for 20 users.

Registered users who want to update from Version 1.6E to the GoldEdition™ 1.7 can do so at a handling charge of EUR 150.00 plus VAT and shipping costs. Updates for older versions are also available.

Further information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the internet at

If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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