A life´s work on CD – September 20, 2002

Linotype Library launches a special edition in honor of Adrian Frutiger

Bad Homburg, September 20, 2002 – Frutiger’s Life is the name of a special edition of fonts brought out by Linotype Library to honor the life´s work of designer Adrian Frutiger. Collected together on a set of three hybrid CDs are 24 original font families (173 styles) created by the maestro, including 38 fonts published for the first time. This exclusive collection gives type professionals full access to all Frutiger´s fonts, in state-of-the-art quality.

Adrian Frutiger is without doubt a grand master of his trade. As one of a small élite of font designers, he has helped shape our everyday world: metros, airports, museums and other institutions owe their distinctive public images to the creativity of Frutiger. The signage at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, for example, uses his namesake font, Frutiger™, designed specially for the purpose in 1968. Another Frutiger classic, Univers™, designed in 1957, also became well known around the world – Deutsche Bank, for example, chose it as its house font. Then in 1973, Frutiger´s Optical Character Recognition B (OCR-B) was adopted as the world standard for machine-readable fonts, thus further enhancing this Swiss-born font designer´s reputation.

Yet for all his astounding success, fame alone was never the goal for Adrian Frutiger. Fonts that were easy to read and that transported the content efficiently were the priorities he set himself when designing new fonts. Fashion was never allowed to sway him from this course. Born in 1928 near Interlaken in Switzerland, Adrian Frutiger served an apprenticeship as a typesetter before going on to study at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich´s arts and crafts college, where he acquired additional skills in drawing and wood engraving. He then went to Paris where in 1962 he founded his own graphic design studio, and also began to put forward his own vision of typography as a lecturer and author. Since 1993, Adrian Frutiger has been living in Bremgarten near Bern.

The Frutiger´s Life collection is dedicated to the outstanding typographical work of Adrian Frutiger. It spans 24 original font families, with 173 styles from the Linotype Library, including 33 styles with small caps and non-lining figures, and two pi fonts. With very few exceptions these are all fonts for typesetting books and large documents. They include the classics of Frutiger and Univers and also successful font families such as Avenir™, Linotype Centennial™, Linotype Didot™ and Meridien™, the master´s own favourite. In addition the collection also encompasses two styles each of Linotype Univers™ and Frutiger™ Next.
(The complete families of these two fonts are found in the Linotype Platinum Collection, a selection of exclusive font classics to meet the quality and design needs of professional users).

Alongside the classics, the Frutiger´s Life collection also contains 38 fonts published here for the first time, such as Linotype Breughel™ and Linotype Icone™.

All three hybrid CDs have a Macintosh and a Windows partition. Fonts are available for the Macintosh in PostScript format, and for Windows in PostScript and partly also in TrueType. Of course, all the fonts meet the very highest standards of quality and harmonize across the platforms. The euro symbol is contained in all base fonts. The price for the complete special edition of Frutiger´s Life, including licenses for five CPUs is 910 euros plus tax and postage and packing. All those ordering the full edition from Linotype are entitled to a special and highly collectible Frutiger surprise gift (while stocks last).

If required, individual CDs from the Frutiger´s Life collection can be ordered separately, at a price of 405 euros each, plus tax and postage and packing.

Further information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the internet at www.linotypelibrary.com

If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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