Linotype Library now offers cross system OpenType fonts – March 12, 2003

Bad Homburg, Germany, March 12, 2003 – Linotype Library has expanded its product range by 1,167 OpenType fonts. With this, the typeface supplier from Bad Homburg renders a vital contribution to the standardization of computer typeface formats, independent of the operating system.

Adobe and Microsoft developed the OpenType font format in order to meet the growing demands on digital typefaces and to considerably simplify their handling. All modern operating systems support the use of OpenType fonts without any additional software. Because of their characteristics, using OpenType fonts is very easy and their appearance on screens and displays is optimal. Compared to PostScript or TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts offer users numerous advantages:

OpenType fonts work on both Windows and Macintosh computers – easing the cross-platform exchange of documents.
OpenType fonts contain glyphs which allow small caps, old style figures and ligatures in just one font file – making it considerably easier to compose documents at the highest typographical level.
OpenType fonts include multiple language character sets in a single font file – improving international communication.
OpenType fonts support “intelligent” typographical functions of modern layout programs such as automatic character substitution with ligatures or decorative type.

Among the available OpenType fonts, all of which come from the Adobe Type Library, are well-known typographic classics such as Futura, Garamond, Helvetica and Palatino as well as modern typefaces like Myriad™ Pro and Minion™ Pro. Also new, as yet unpublished fonts such as Calcite™ Pro from Akira Kobayashi, Type Director of the Linotype GmbH, round out the OpenType font range.

The OpenType fonts now offered are available either as standard fonts (Std) or professional fonts (Pro). Besides the normal range of characters in a PostScript font, the standard fonts include all available glyphs such as small caps, ligatures, old style figures as well as an Euro symbol, matching individual type specific designs. The Pro fonts contain all this plus eastern European characters as well as Greek or Cyrillic
character extensions, depending on availability. Pro fonts also contain decorative
characters such as ornaments.

The Linotype Library now has all 1,167 OpenType fonts available for purchase. As
usual, the typefaces can be ordered in sets or as individual fonts. The price for standard fonts is 29.00 Euros; a pro font costs 35.00 Euros (prices exclude tax). There is a 30 % upgrade discount for all fonts that were purchased within the last 12 months as either a PostScript or TrueType font.

Linotype GmbH, a member of the Heidelberg Group, was founded 115 years ago. Its headquarters are in Bad Homburg, Germany. Based on this long tradition Linotype Library develops state-of-the-art font technology, and today offers more than 5,500 original fonts, covering the whole typographic spectrum from antique to modern, from east to west, and from classical to experimental. Linotype FontExplorer, a specially developed browser and navigation system, supports rapid font selection. All fonts are available on CD in PostScript and TrueType, and can also be ordered online for instant download at
In addition to supplying digital fonts, Linotype Library also offers comprehensive and individual consultation and support services for font applications in worldwide (corporate) communications.
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