Linotype Library and Agfa Monotype standardize license agreements: “EULA” eases the use of digital typefaces – May 27, 2003

"EULA" eases the use of digital typefaces

Bad Homburg, May 27 2003 – Two internationally leading suppliers of digital typefaces intend to align their conditions for the allocation of user licenses in the future. For this, the type founderies Linotype Library and Agfa Monotype have come to an agreement. The planned standardization of the license agreement “EULA” (End User License Agreement), should make the use of digital type even easier and more flexible in the future. With the "EULA", Linotype Library is counting on the proven trustworthy partnership with its customers. At the same time, the standardization gives the utilization conditions more legal security and transparency.

Users of digital typefaces are confronted today with a multitude of guidelines and utilization conditions. Frequently, not only copying a typeface, but also its multiple use at several workstations, or the question of relinquishing fonts to a third party, is regulated differently. Customers often neither know nor are cognizant of the detailed clauses of a license award from individual suppliers, thus complicating the – technically possible – immediate access to digital typefaces per mouse click.

Soon this will all be history. Two of the leading type foundries Linotype Library and Agfa Monotype, which together have a market share of around 65%, have now agreed on a standardized regulation for the license agreements. According to the principle "one license for one typeface", the utilization conditions for digital typefaces will be aligned in the future. The new version of the user agreement (EULA) gives the licensee quick and uncomplicated availability of all typefaces from both suppliers.

The user agreement, which is put into effect by simply clicking on the button "Accept User Agreement," clearly regulates the licensees’ specific user rights and informs them about everything associated with fonts that they need to observe. Naturally – in coordination with Linotype Library – also modified, custom-tailored solutions for companies are available.

Further details are explained in the accompanying brochure "Typefaces and Licenses". The brochure is available on the Internet at
The Management at Linotype Library hopes that also the other large type foundries will join the project and align their license conditions for users’ benefit. "However, already the planned cooperation with Agfa Monotype is a milestone on the road to more comfort, transparency and legal security for the user," cheered Bruno Steinert, General Manager of the Linotype GmbH in Bad Homburg, Germany. It is, according to Steinert, the expressed goal of his company that customers can more easily, quickly, securely and comfortably buy a typeface than they can – illegally – copy it.

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