143 treasures from the Zapf family in a special edition – June 25, 2003

Linotype Library publishes Gudrun and Hermann Zapf’s lifework of fonts

Bad Homburg, 25 June, 2003 – Linotype Library recognizes the typographic achievement of Gudrun Zapf von Hesse and Hermann Zapf with a one-of-a-kind edition. As the worldwide largest collection of typefaces by both artists, the "Gudrun & Hermann Zapf Collection" comprises, besides melodious names like "Palatino™", "Optima™" and "Diotima™", also the popular "Linotype Zapfino™" and numerous Pi fonts. Thus the compilation spans a unique range from well-equipped text families to decorative handwriting types and multipurpose special characters.

Both designers value beauty, quality and perfection, and both have developed a multitude of typefaces in their shared life. Without a doubt, the frequently-awarded typeface designers Gudrun Zapf von Hesse and Hermann Zapf belong worldwide to the biggest names in their field. As teachers for lettering and design, both have handed down their experience, creativity and technical craftsmanship to subsequent generations: Gudrun Zapf von Hesse at the Städel school in Frankfurt am Main, Hermann Zapf in Offenbach and Darmstadt, Germany, the USA, Japan, South Africa and elsewhere. In May 2003, Professor Hermann Zapf was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Illinois. Linotype Library honors the comprehensive typographical opus of both with the "Gudrun & Hermann Zapf Collection" – incidentally their first joint typeface CD.

The special edition contains on one CD all the typefaces of the two designers available from Linotype. Two styles of "Shakespeare" are available for the first time. And "Carmina" and "AMS Euler" celebrate their debut with Linotype and are represented on the CD with all their styles. The collection’s highlights include Hermann Zapf’s favorite type families "Palatino" and "Optima" as well as "Diotima", created by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse back in 1952. Another treasure, the popular "Linotype Zapfino", raises the heartbeat of every true calligrapher. In addition, the new CD includes two weights of the type family "Optima nova", part of the platinum collection, thus fulfilling the highest demands for quality. Numerous special characters, among them "Zapf Essentials™", round out the collection. No fewer than 17 Pi fonts contain useful character types for office use, communication, signage, ornaments and a comprehensive collection of special mathematical symbols.

"With the ‘Gudrun & Hermann Zapf Collection,’ we offer graphic designers and typeface users a spectrum of fonts drawn by the hands of masters to carry out their daily incidental tasks in an interesting and sophisticated way," commented Bruno Steinert, General Manager of the Linotype GmbH in Bad Homburg, Germany. With 143 utterly different fonts, from which 16 styles with small capitals and old-style figures, the CD covers a broad spectrum of applications. For Macintosh, most of the fonts are available in PostScript format; for Windows in PostScript and also partly in TrueType format. Almost all typefaces include the Euro symbol.

The price/performance ratio is outstanding. With the purchase of the new hybrid CD, the buyer saves over 80% compared to the total value of the individual fonts with an amount of around 3,800 Euros net. The "Gudrun & Hermann Zapf Collection" costs, including the license for five CPUs, only 696.00 Euros. Besides the CD with booklet and inlay in a jewel case, delivery also includes a mini catalog and the exclusive CD "The World of Alphabets" with over 200 illustrations, autographed by Hermann Zapf.

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