DDC Roundtable CorporateType in the Literaturhaus Frankfurt/Main – December 3, 2003

Learning from Milan’s design structure.
CorporateType in Linotype experts

Frankfurt, December 3, 2003: Within the classical framework of the Frankfurter Literaturhaus, the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) and Linotype invited more than 50 experts to discuss the topic of CorporateType.

The objective of the DDC roundtable "CorporateType" (fonts used by corporations) was to show how the corporate design of companies and institutions can be controlled and optimized with the help of their own font.
Guest speaker Antonio Pace presented CorporateType using the city of Milan, Italy as a case study. "Milano Citta" – a typeface based on the classical Bodoni – is the centerpiece of the Milan design that was developed especially for the Lombardy metropolis. Mr. Pace, Frankfurt General Manager of the Italian design agency AreA, showed Milan’s new visual appearance.
AreA Frankfurt created a modern city shield and from it developed the city’s complete design structure. The new look is recognizable on all public buildings such as museums and other cultural institutions. For the entire official correspondence, signage of public spaces, and eventually for all visual situations of the city of Milan, the AreA corporate designers created a uniform communication system, which ranges from stationery to door signs.
Akira Kobayashi, Type Director at Linotype Library, showed how typefaces developed back in the hot type era are now being optimized for digital use. Avenir, for example, which the designer further developed with Adrian Frutiger, became Avenir Next. The differences are considerable, and are seen not only in the aesthetics, but also in terms of its new technical features. Avenir Next is produced directly in the OpenType format.
Bruno Steinert, General Manager of the Linotype GmbH, introduced the services that Linotype offers to support companies as well as agencies in the selection and implementation of typeface projects worldwide. Jörg Schweinsberg, Director for Process and Quality Management, briefly explained the guiding technical possibilities.
All in all, the event offered a mix of topics, which at the subsequent dinner gave all the invited experts plenty of reasons to exchange viewpoints, tell about their own experiences and discuss new aspects. Although the official part of the event ended at 10:00 p.m., many stayed past midnight.
“That was the best proof of the high quality of this new form of DDC events. Our series of successful roundtables has reached a new peak with the close cooperation of DDC supporting member Linotype,” stated Thomas Feicht, spokesman for the DDC Board.
The positive response from all the guests induced Linotype, in cooperation with the DDC, to continue this event series with a similar framework at new locations in Germany and with new and exciting examples from the world of CorporateType.

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