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Hand-drawn elegance for a digital age – February 17, 2004

Bad Homburg, February 17th , 2004 – The fine art of calligraphy will never be the same. Typography master Hermann Zapf has completely reworked and expanded his renowned font family to design "Zapfino Extra", opening up even greater possibilities for the field of digital calligraphy. Available exclusively from Linotype Library, "Zapfino Extra" clearly marks a new breakthrough in the use of attractive and dynamic typographic solutions with a computer.

Ever since the groundbreaking release of the Zapfino font family in 1998, graphic designers have been able to make calligraphic interpretations digital reality with unmatched ease and elegance. In the five years following, Zapfino has become a Linotype Library runaway success. Is it any wonder? Now the release of "Zapfino Extra" brings a completely reworked and refined version of the family to the graphic world for even greater flexibility and cutting edge applications.

According to Bruno Steinert, General Manager of Linotype GmbH, the philosophy behind the new release is quite simple: "Using this expanded Zapfino family means it is now not only possible to combine various weights, but also to mix and match individual letters and symbols so that even the most extraordinary calligraphic ideas can be easily implemented." One look at the edition and it becomes clear what he means. By applying the advantages of the latest technologies in typography, "Zapfino Extra" is able to offer graphic artists a degree of versatility yet unknown to digital calligraphy. As a sense of naturalness is essential to the successful use of this font, greater flexibility in the choice of characters and their combination is key. Consequently, the Zapfino range has been extended considerably. Aside from expanding the ligatures set, the four original weights are now complemented by new small caps and various alternative characters. Plus, "Zapfino Forte" offers a special style of bold characters for even further possibilities, allowing emphasis to be placed exactly where it is needed. With a total of 10 weights to choose from, with a little bit of imagination, the illusion of smoothly flowing letters will soon seem as easy as picking up a pen and writing a note.

Another significant innovation is that Zapfino’s entire stock of characters is now also bundled as two complete OpenType PRO fonts, "Zapfino Extra" and "Zapfino Forte". Whether on a Mac or a PC, these typefaces can now be used in applications which the support the cross-platform OpenType format, like the page-layout program Adobe InDesign. Aside from the advantage of optimal compatibility, OpenType also allows intelligent interaction with all Zapfino characters via the "Features" tool.

The "Zapfino Extra" CD is provided with a license for five workstations at a price of only 199 Euros; an upgrade is available for 99.50 (plus shipping and taxes, respectively). An upgrade is also available at the same price for all Macintosh OS X users, who already have "Zapfino" installed in their systems, and includes the especially adapted type sizes established by Apple. The CD is delivered in an attractive jewel case with some additional surprises tucked inside as well: like an in-depth biography of Herrmann Zapf or a historic 16-minute documentary film entitled "The Art of Hermann Zapf" as well as plenty of other practical information all about how to best use the Zapfino font and how it was developed. Naturally, "Zapfino Extra" is also obtainable online via download for 131 Euros plus tax – however, without the film and printed documentation.

The illusion of hand-drawn elegance has never been more convincing. Order "Zapfino Extra" now and keep up with the rapidly changing possibilities of the digital age.

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