Linotype presents top selection from TakeType Library – December 13, 2004

Fonts from the cutting edge

Bad Homburg, 13 December, 2004. Innovative designers have come to know the Linotype TakeType Library as a surefire source of inspiration and creativity. Now everyone who appreciates its rich possibilities for individual design can look forward to a comprehensive compilation of 67 innovative font families with a total of 130 weights. "Top TakeType” integrates a wealth of fully functional text and display fonts, plus an extraordinary range of experimental alphabets and symbols. Just as an example, the selection includes such popular typefaces as "Balder", "Escript" and the "Linotype Festtagsfont" as well as intriguing text fonts like "Aroma" and "Cineplex", the display font , the extravagant symbol font "Space Balls" and such tasty experimental treats as "Russisch Brot" . Many fonts were competitors or winners from the Linotype “International Type Design Contest” which not only attracts the design avantgarde every year but also promotes the development of innovative type in general. “Top TakeType” is a must for progressive typeface collectors – especially the amazingly affordable price makes the collection simply irresistible.

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