Update of Linotype’s premiere collection – December 8, 2005

Linotype Gold Edition 1.7.1

Bad Homburg, December 8, 2005. Linotype has just released an update of Gold Edition 1.7, its premiere collection of fonts. The new release, Gold Edition 1.7.1, now provides all 3,900 typefaces from this highly desirable collection with Mac OS X compatibility, including for the recently introduced “Tiger” version, Mac OS 10.4. The Gold Edition update provides font users with the most comprehensive collection of top quality Linotype in state-of-the-art technological formats – and at a highly attractive price. Available exclusively on DVD from Linotype.

The Linotype Gold Edition 1.7.1 update is destined to be a top seller especially among Apple users – because all fonts have been optimized for use with Mac OS X and specifically for Mac OS 10.4. So Mac users can look forward to improved functionality, fine-tuned enhancements of countless fonts, expanded selection of symbols – and all with the full power and flexibility associated with the new operating system.

Another distinct highlight of the Gold Edition 1.7.1 is that all fonts are available in the Postscript format. Linotype has meticulously reproduced these top quality fonts in Postscript to meet the high demands of the graphic industry, especially for imagesetting and use with high-grade laser printers. The newly produced Postscript fonts also include central European and Greek fonts.

Professional users will appreciate many other details of the upgrade in their daily work. For instance, Linotype Gold Edition 1.7.1 features a dedicated euro symbol for over 1,900 typefaces, including customized designs for all respective weights. And for the fonts without a unique euro symbol, generic versions are available in four weights: normal and bold, with or without serifs.

For an exact overview of all improvements and additions, a comparison list of Gold Edition 1.7.1 with version 1.7 is included with the DVD. To ease differentiation, the names of newly produced font versions have been adapted, thereby also supporting parallel use, if desired.

Typical of Linotype is the flexible and reasonable pricing structure, which can be precisely adapted to the user’s needs. For instance, the thousands of top quality fonts in Gold Edition 1.7.1 can all be licensed for 20 work stations for only 8,999 € or for 10 work stations for a total of only 4,990 € (excluding sales tax). Individual license packages and upgrades from older Gold Edition versions are also available at attractive prices.

More information about this premiere Linotype compilation and the highlights of the update can be accessed online via www.linotype.com.

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