Mergenthaler Edition presents typographical expedition – December 8, 2005

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Bad Homburg, December 8, 2005. The book in Linotype’s Mergenthaler Edition, "A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures”, invites readers on a expedition – to explore the frontier between the meaning and the representation of words. Created by the award-winning, Frankfurt-based designer Antonia Henschel, the book is essentially a collection of four letter words grouped into pairs of opposites (e.g. Love/Hate) to cover the broadest possible semantic territory. Each double-page is dedicated to various manifestations of a single word, presented in carefully selected and highly differing typefaces. An impressive visual achievement which can be viewed as an ambitious art project or serve as an inspiring reference book.

The art project “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures” offers, by definition, more than first meets the eye. While the choice of typefaces from the Linotype Gold Edition may at times appear obvious, Antonia Henschel also demonstrates how less obvious choices can actually challenge our understanding of a given word. So readers are in fact taken on an expedition – in which the meaning of language is transformed by typefaces. The dimensions which a single word can express on only two pages is astonishing, as its meaning is supported, strengthened, then weakened or even negated.

Building on Kant’s theory of “Transcendental Logic”, Antonia Henschel struggles with the question of how concepts influence our perception – but also how concepts are transformed when the words used to convey them are packaged differently. The interplay of typefaces takes on an even deeper significance through the selection of word pairs with opposing meanings. Give/Take. Rich/Poor. Good/Evil. The difference in meanings begin to blur or become more pronounced depending on which typefaces are applied.

The book’s creator Antonia Henschel has acquired a wide range qualifications in many forms of design work and, among other prizes, has been distinguished by the Tokyo Type Directors Club. Today, she is Creative Director and co-owner of the family run agency SIGN Kommunikation. Even the design of her office in a former transformer station bears testimony to the range of her artistic abilities, as well as the prize-winning brochures produced for her company’s 30-year jubilee, documenting many years of successful work in corporate communication.

With the publication of “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures”, Linotype has added a further highlight to the newly established publishing label Mergenthaler Edition. A typographical expedition which will reward you with first class design, practical usability as well as artistic and philosophical profundity on 128 pages for € 19,90. Possibilities for ordering are available at The book’s ISBN number is 3-9810319-0-3.

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