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Font Designer: Paul Renner, 1928
Presented by the Bauerschen Giesserei in 1928, Futura® font has been commonly known as the font development of the Bauhaus.
Although there was no direct association, Renner’s Futura font was indeed based on the simple forms of circle, triangle and square. Futura is a geometrically constructed typeface which reflects the ideas of the Bauhaus and the éNew Typography’.
Over time, Renner made some changes to make Futura font more legible. It has long ascenders and descenders and therefore requires generous line spacing. Its image is clear, elegant, and timelessly modern, embodying neutrality and objectivity.
The font Futura is particularly good for text and headlines in: books/text, magazines, posters, advertisements, documentation/business reports, corporate design, multimedia.

The font Futura combines well with:
almost all serif fonts Old Face and Transitional forms, like Stempel Schneidler®. Didot slab serif fonts like Memphis™.
Script and brush fonts like Grace™, Sho™, Ruling Script™.
Black letters like Old English, Clairvaux™.
Fun fonts like Grafilone™, Animalia™, Araby Rafique™.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Futura as a PDF.

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