PO Box font family

Designed by  Anuthin Wongsunkakon

Anuthin Wongsunkakon

Anuthin Wongsunkakon is a Bangkok-based type designer and one of the partners of Cadson Demak, the first Thai communication design firm with typographic solution. He began studying graphic design at Rangsit University. After completing his bachelor degree he continued his studies in New York at Pratt Institute where he was trained by Antonio Dispigna.

Much of his work deals with print, logotype, and lettering, but he is best known for his contribution to Thai typography and for reintroducing custom font design service to the local business industry. Anuthin had provided fonts for many leading companies in Thailand including Advance Info Service; The largest mobile phone operator, Creative Technology of Singapore. dtac - Telenor (Thailand), Ikea (Thailand), Nokia (Thailand), CAT Communication Authority of Thailand, and Tesco Lotus. In publication area including Thai Edition of Men’s Health, Arena, Wallpaper* and L’Officiel. Aside from his custom-made ones, his Thai and Latin typefaces has been used by various enterprises, most notably in local and international magazines.

Besides being a designer, Anuthin is known as a writer and design educator. He frequently writes for several influential Thai magazines including Wallpaper* (Thai Edition) and art4d. In education, he first started his teaching career at Rangsit University, and later Bangkok University and Chulalongkorn University. Most of the articles from his controversy book on graphic design education in Thailand, Note The Norm, along with his various essays can be viewed at anuthin.org, a graphic design and typographic design archive weblog he found in 1999.


On the following page, you will find an interview with Anuthin Wongsunkakon, in which the designer of Helvetica Thai talks about various aspects of typography and typeface design.


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