Zapfino™ Extra

A Script Typeface by Hermann Zapf

Available as Value Pack for instant download or on CD with physical shipping

Four alphabets for interchangeable use with many additional characters, newly designed small caps, 100 ornaments, and hyper-flourishes

New: Zapfino Extra Pro, the contextual version of Zapfino, automatically provides individual and varied results!

Now it is simpler than ever to make beautiful typography using the unique calligraphic typeface, Zapfino®.

After first learning the possibilities that digital fonts and computer programming had to offer, Hermann Zapf – the designer of Zapfino – imagined a day in which the technology would exist that could allow computers to easily set fluid calligraphic text on their own.

In all previous versions of Zapfino, the typeface’s text variations had to be set manually – letter by letter. This meant a lot of work for designers!

With the release of the newest version of Zapfino, Hermann Zapf’s vision has finally come to life. Using the newest OpenType Feature* possibilities, Zapfino Extra Pro can bring any number of diverse typographic possibilities onto the computer screen and the printed page.

Zapfino Extra Pro, when used in an OpenType-supporting application with all contextual features activated, draws on the rich library of glyphs included in the font to automatically generate numerous, changing alternatives that work together, creating a lively typographic impression. This impression can offer the same harmonious feeling as real calligraphy.

The following pages contain more information about Zapfino Extra Pro’s fantastic possibilities, and also some great examples of this typeface in use. Let them inspire you to create new design solutions!

These fonts include the new Zapfino Extra Contextual Features:
Zapfino Extra Pro

OS X-only alternative versions:
Zapfino Extra X Pro
Basic information about Zapfino Extra:

Linotype´s Zapfino Extra is an expansion of the first Zapfino type family of 1998. The basic roman alphabet with 3 additional script variations is now complemented with small caps, mathematical symbols, additional ligatures, fractional numbers and with hyper-flourishes. Theses are some extremely big swashes running over two or three text lines.

From the beginning, it was intended that Zapfino would use all the possibilities that digital technology offers to alphabet design today. The result is a script typeface expressing all the freedom of brilliant calligraphy, now made accessible by the advanced capabilities of the new media.

Zapfino Extra is a flexible typeface with a number of alternate character sets. There is a main alphabet containing regular capitals and three supplementary alternate fonts with swash capitals, lower-case variants, ligatures and big flourishes called hyper-flourishes. Additional alternate forms – the ampersand for example – are also included, together with a collection of a hundred ornament designs.

A first attempt in 1948 to develop an authentically calligraphic script ended in compromise. The many technical restrictions of casting hot-metal types had to be followed. There were limitations in the kerning, restrictions in the slant of the letters, and no overlapping could be done. Now, the versatility that is possible with digital interpretation of letterforms allows the design of Zapfino Extra to take advantage of all the new technical opportunities that never before were available to a designer of alphabets. Zapfino Extra was produced in collaboration with Linotype´s Type Director Akira Kobayashi.

Zapfino Extra is a script typeface that opens up absolutely new kinds of typographic possibilities through the inter-mixing of different alphabet designs and allows unusual combinations for unique creative solutions.

* In order to access all of the contextual features, you must use a program that fully supports OpenType.

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Publishing Praxis article issue 12/2003 about Zapfino Extra is available as pdf file. Please download:
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