Aptifer™ – July 2006

Mårten Thavenius, 2006

Mårten Thavenius designed Aptifer in 2006. The typeface family consists of two subfamilies: Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab. Each of them has seven weights – thin, light, regular, medium, semibold, bold, and black – in roman and italic respectively, making 28 font styles in total.

A heritage from two design traditions can be seen in Aptifer. One is the robust American gothic typefaces, like M. F. Benton’s, from around 1900. This is combined with the openness and legibility that comes from the humanist tradition.

The sans serif part of the family, Aptifer Sans, is designed without excessive details disturbing the reading. Its sibling Aptifer Slab with its wedge slab serifs is more eye-catching but still suited for text settings. The italics fit well into the text flow of the roman. They are a bit narrower than the roman and have cursive characteristics.

Both Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab are highly legible typefaces and can be used both in print and on screen.

The Aptifer families have a wide range of possible usage covering body text and display settings. You may use it for newspapers and magazines, for book typography, corporate design or signage.

Aptifer is an OpenType Pro family and each font style has support for Western European, Central European, Turkish, and Baltic languages. A wide range of glyph variants are accessible through OpenType features including small caps, ligatures, lower- and uppercase ordinals, and eight sets of figures. You will also find two sets of arrows and other usable symbols in the fonts.

Click here to see the complete fontlist of Aptifer™ Sans and Aptifer™ Slab.

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