Type Gallery – Linotype Facts of Life

Font Designer: Pippo Lionni, 1999

This new font by Pippo Lionni is based on the designer’s wish to show his children "the concepts of life." It was important for him to easily get in touch with essential questions of life such as identity, philosophy, responsibility and objectivity.
Through his language of ideograms and pictograms, he enables us to associate and enter into discussion about the essential things that make the world go round.
Each character uses "object symbols" (such as human beings, cars, computers or globes) connected by "association symbols" (like arrows, question marks, parentheses or equal signs) to create different meanings. Pippo Lionni really is the philosopher among the typographers. His new font tries to show that there can be many truths to explore behind a single symbol.
Linotype Facts of Life™ is a creation that will get you thinking. Take a look for yourself!
For this font, a "How to Use" document and the keyboard layout (pdf files) are available:
How to Use, English version (432 kb)
How to Use, German version (436 kb)
How to Use, French version (436 kb)
Keyboard Layout (472 kb)

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