Type Gallery – Noris Script

Font Designer: Hermann Zapf, 1976
Some typefaces should really be experience large. Although quite legible in small sizes, Noris Script’s character comes across best when it is scaled up. Drawn by master German calligrapher Hermann Zapf in the 1970s, Noris Script® captures the magic of the irregularities of pen strokes. The idea behind Noris Script was to bring the spontaneity of a quick handwritten script using a broad edged pen into the modern typesetting environment.
Noris is the Latin name for the German city of Nuremberg, where Hermann Zapf was born and raised. Nuremberg has something special about it, aside from Hermann Zapf, it has a great tradition of writing masters, such as Johann Neudörffer (1497–1563), Wolfgang Fugger (1515–1568), and Rudolf Koch (1876–1934).
Noris was first released for the Linofilm typesetting system in 1976.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Noris Script as a PDF.

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