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Akira says ...

Typographic Tip of the Month from Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi!

May 2006: “Stay away from that button!”

Many programs allow you to press an “Italic” button; but this often* only automatically generates an on-the-go slanted version of the Roman weight.

Berling Nova Text Regular Wrong Sample

For better results, select the Italic or Oblique font directly from the program’s Font Menu.
Akira says: This may take a few more seconds, but the result is worth your effort!

Berling Nova Text Regular Right Sample
The same phenomenom holds true for sans serif typefaces as well.

Avenir Next TextRegular Wrong Sample

Avenir Next Text Regular Right Sample

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Curious about the typefaces used in this month’s tip?
Avenir™ Next
Berling™ Nova
Calcite™ Pro
Linotype Warning Pi
ITC Zapf Dingbats®

* Reaching the italic or bold variants of a typeface via their buttons in applications is possible if the “Family” versions of fonts are installed instead of the “Single” versions.

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