Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Contest

The jury for Linotype’s Arabic Type Design Competition met in Linotype’s offices in Bad Homburg, Germany on the 15th of November, 2005 to judge the competing entries and select the winners.

The jury was comprised of Kris Holmes, Dr. Fiona Ross, Mamoun Sakkal, Samir Sayegh, and guest juror Hermann Zapf.

The competition was the first of its kind in content and scope and it drew entries from 16 countries ranging from Japan, through Persia, the Arab world and Europe, and all the way to the US. The designs show a variety of styles and foretell of new trends in Arabic type design.

The jury chose 6 winning works in total and awarded several other honorary mention.

Jury Meeting image 01
Entries from 16 countries ready for the jury

Jury Meeting image 02
Jury meeting in progress: (from left to Right) Mamoun Sakkal,
Kris Holmes, Linotype’s Arabic specialist Nadine Chahine, Dr. Fiona Ross,
and Samir Sayegh

Jury Meeting image 03
Second round of elimination

Jury Meeting image 04
Difficult choices to make but everyone was having a good time

Jury Meeting image 05
Jury members looking closely at the design details

Jury Meeting image 06
... taking notes

Jury Meeting image 07
... discussing the various designs

Jury Meeting image 08
... and comparing the entries

Jury Meeting image 09
Linotype staff join the jurors for lunch

Jury Meeting image 10
Guest juror Hermann Zapf and Mamoun Sakkal

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