Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Contest

Text Category 1st Prize
Sultan Free by Sultan Maktari (Yemen)
Judge’s choice for Dr. Fiona Ross

Text Category 2nd Prize
Midan™ by Kameel Hawa, Director of Almohtaraf assaudi (Lebanon)
Judge’s choice for Hermann Zapf

Honorary Mention 3rd Prize
RSIexquisite by Ramzi Ibrahim

Honorary Mention 4th Prize
Fluid by Omar Safa

Honorary Mention 5th Prize
Sultan by Sultan Maktari

Display Category 1st prize
Isra™ by Almamoun Ahmed (Sudan)
Judge’s choice for Mamoun Sakkal

Display Category 2nd prize
Sultan Nahia by Sultan Maktari (Yemen)

Honorary Mention 3rd Prize
hb Beiruty by Yara Khoury, Taline Yozgatian, and Markus Bernateky

Honorary Mention 4th Prize
Delvaray by Homa Delvaray

Honorary Mention 5th Prize
Hiba by Hassan AbuAfash

Calligraphy Category 1st Prize
Hakim Ghazali™ by Hakim Ghazali (Morocco/France)

Calligraphy Category 2nd Prize
Firas™ by Abbas Al-Baghdadi (Iraq)

Honorary Mention
Al Quds by Vladimir Tamari
Bala Harakat by Roula Ghalayini
Kerma by Elamin Mohammed Osman
Festook by Marie-Joe Raidy and Lena Merhej

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