Type Gallery – Linotype Notec

Font Designer: Franciszek Otto, 1999
Franciszek Otto of Poland designed Linotype Notec™ in 1999. Linotype Notec is a “low-tech” (or even “no tech!”) typeface. By embracing handwriting’s spontaneity, it has gotten as far away from technology as it can.
Classified as an “inky”-style script face, for lack of a better term, Linotype Notec’s informal design seems immediately artful and full of expression. Its irregularity and unexpectedness enlivens any composition, similar to how jazz or modern dance animate a room. Quite full of “ink,” Linotype Notec’s “strokes” are written in a sort of short-note-handwriting-style, which a slow-writing, thoughtful humanist might theoretically scribble to himself late at night. Yet Linotype Notec’s character still maintains a jolt of energy; try Linotype Notec in small applications, in any size from 12-point on up.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Linotype Notec as a PDF.

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