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Font Designer: Stanley Morison, 1931
In 1931, The Times of London commissioned a new type design for the body copy of the paper. The design process was supervised by Stanley Morison. Times is actually a modernised version of the older typeface "Plantin", which Morison was instructed to use as the main basis for his new designs. Times® font became the workhorse of the publishing industry and continues to be very popular, particularly for newspapers, magazines, and corporate communications such as proposals and annual reports. Due to its versatility, it remains a must-have typeface for today’s designer.
Linotype offers a lot of various Times font versions:
Times. This is the universal version of the Times, used also formerly on the matrices of the Linotype hotmetal machines. The basic four weights roman, italic, bold and bold italic are standard fonts in all PostScript RIP’s. So the additional small caps and Old Style Figures fits perfectly.
Times contains the following weights:
Times roman, Times italic, Times semi bold, Times semi bold italic, Times bold, Times bold italic, Times Eighteen extra bold.

Times® Ten is a font version especially designed for smaller point sizes below 12 point. The characters are more widened and the hairlines of the letters are slightly stronger.
Times Ten contains the following weights:
Times Ten roman, Times Ten roman SC, Times Ten roman OsF, Times Ten italic, Times Ten italic OsF, Times Ten bold, Times Ten bold OsF, Times Ten bold italic, Times Ten bold italic OsF.

Times® Eighteen is the headline font version for larger point sizes. The letters are subtle condensed and the hairlines finer.
Times Eighteen contains the following weights:
Times Eighteen roman, Times Eighteen bold, Times Eighteen extra bold.

Times Europa® is an especially redesigned font version from
Walter Tracy. Times Europa was made for Linotype for a better text readability and stability in the rough printing process.
Times Europa contains the following weights:
Times Europa roman, Times Europa italic, Times Europa bold, Times Europa bold italic.

Times New Roman® is the historic font version from the Monotype hotmetal caster.
Times New Roman contains the following weights:
Times New Roman roman, Times New Roman italic, Times New Roman bold, Times New Roman bold italic, Times New Roman condensed, Times New Roman condensed italic, Times New Roman bold condensed).
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Times as a PDF.

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