Cyrillic Fonts

The text above is set in Frutiger™ Cyrillic 65 Bold.
Linotype offers more and more typefaces in Cyrillic in OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript. OpenType Fonts with Cyrillic are particularly easy to use, because the Latin encoding and the Cyrillic encoding are completely contained within one Font. In the other font formats (TueType and PostScript), the various language groups available are divided up into several fonts.

About Cyrillic
The Cyrillic alphabet was reformed by Peter the Great in Russia in the early eighteenth century. Fonts that include a Cyrillic character set support the following languages: Russian, Adyge, Avarish, Balkarian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Chechen, Darginish, Ingushian, Kabardino-Cherkesian, Kumykish, Lakish, Lesginian, Macedonian, Mordovsko-Ersatian, Mordovsko-Mokshanian, Nanaish, Nenish, Nivkh, Nogaian, Selkup, Serbian, Tabasaranish, and Ukrainian.

Use our keyword search for ‘Cyrillic’ to find many more cyrillic fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Courier LT™ Cyrillic Regular

Courier LT™ Cyrillic Oblique

Courier LT™ Cyrillic Bold

Courier LT™ Cyrillic Bold Oblique

Excelsior® Cyrillic Roman

Excelsior® Cyrillic Italic

Excelsior® Cyrillic Bold

Frutiger® Cyrillic 45 Light

Frutiger® Cyrillic 46 Light Italic

Frutiger® Cyrillic 55 Roman

Frutiger® Cyrillic 56 Italic

Frutiger® Cyrillic 65 Bold

Frutiger® Cyrillic 66 Bold Italic

Frutiger® Cyrillic 75 Black

Frutiger® Cyrillic 95 Ultra Black

Frutiger® Cyrillic 47 Light Condensed

Frutiger® Cyrillic 57 Condensed

Frutiger® Cyrillic 67 Bold Condensed

Frutiger® Cyrillic 77 Black Condensed

Frutiger® Cyrillic 87 Extra Black Condensed

Helvetica® Cyrillic Roman

Helvetica® Cyrillic Italic

Helvetica® Cyrillic Bold

Helvetica® Cyrillic Bold Italic

Helvetica® Cyrillic Inserat Roman

Helvetica® World Regular

Helvetica® World Italic

Helvetica® World Bold

Helvetica® World Bold Italic

Just Square™ Cyrillic Ultra Thin

Just Square™ Cyrillic Ultra Light

Just Square™ Cyrillic Thin

Just Square™ Cyrillic Light

Just Square™ Cyrillic Regular

Just Square™ Cyrillic Medium

Just Square™ Cyrillic Demi

Just Square™ Cyrillic Bold

Memphis® Cyrillic Light

Memphis® Cyrillic Light Italic

Memphis® Cyrillic Medium

Memphis® Cyrillic Medium Italic

Memphis® Cyrillic Bold

Memphis® Cyrillic Bold Italic

Memphis® Cyrillic Extra Bold

Minion® Caption Regular

Minion® Caption Italic

Minion® Caption Medium

Minion® Caption Medium Italic

Minion® Caption Semibold

Minion® Caption Semibold Italic

Minion® Caption Bold

Minion® Caption Bold Italic

Minion® Condensed Caption Regular

Minion® Condensed Caption Italic

Minion® Condensed Caption Medium

Minion® Condensed Caption Medium Italic

Minion® Condensed Caption Semibold

Minion® Condensed Caption Semibold Italic

Minion® Condensed Caption Bold

Minion® Condensed Caption Bold Italic

Minion® Cyrillic Regular

Minion® Cyrillic Italic

Minion® Cyrillic Semibold

Minion® Cyrillic Semibold Italic

Minion® Cyrillic Bold

Minion® Cyrillic Bold Italic

Minion® Regular

Minion® Italic

Minion® Medium

Minion® Medium Italic

Minion® Semibold

Minion® Semibold Italic

Minion® Bold

Minion® Bold Italic

Minion® Condensed Regular

Minion® Condensed Italic

Minion® Condensed Medium

Minion® Condensed Medium Italic

Minion® Condensed Semibold

Minion® Condensed Semibold Italic

Minion® Condensed Bold

Minion® Condensed Bold Italic

Minion® Subhead Regular

Minion® Subhead Italic

Minion® Subhead Medium

Minion® Subhead Medium Italic

Minion® Subhead Semibold

Minion® Subhead Semibold Italic

Minion® Subhead Bold

Minion® Subhead Bold Italic

Minion® Condensed Subhead Regular

Minion® Condensed Subhead Italic

Minion® Condensed Subhead Medium

Minion® Condensed Subhead Medium Italic

Minion® Condensed Subhead Semibold

Minion® Condensed Subhead Semibold Italic

Minion® Condensed Subhead Bold

Minion® Condensed Subhead Bold Italic

Minion® Display Regular

Minion® Display Italic

Minion® Display Medium

Minion® Display Medium Italic

Minion® Display Semibold

Minion® Display Semibold Italic

Minion® Display Bold

Minion® Display Bold Italic

Minion® Condensed Display Regular

Minion® Condensed Display Italic

Minion® Condensed Display Medium

Minion® Condensed Display Medium Italic

Minion® Condensed Display Semibold

Minion® Condensed Display Semibold Italic

Minion® Condensed Display Bold

Minion® Condensed Display Bold Italic

Myriad® Light

Myriad® Light Italic

Myriad® Regular

Myriad® Italic

Myriad® Semibold

Myriad® Semibold Italic

Myriad® Bold

Myriad® Bold Italic

Myriad® Black

Myriad® Black Italic

Myriad® SemiCondensed Light

Myriad® SemiCondensed Light Italic

Myriad® SemiCondensed

Myriad® SemiCondensed Italic

Myriad® SemiCondensed Semibold

Myriad® SemiCondensed Semibold Italic

Myriad® SemiCondensed Bold

Myriad® SemiCondensed Bold Italic

Myriad® SemiCondensed Black

Myriad® SemiCondensed Black Italic

Myriad® Condensed Light

Myriad® Condensed Light Italic

Myriad® Condensed

Myriad® Condensed Italic

Myriad® Condensed Semibold

Myriad® Condensed Semibold Italic

Myriad® Condensed Bold

Myriad® Condensed Bold Italic

Myriad® Condensed Black

Myriad® Condensed Black Italic

Myriad® SemiExtended Light

Myriad® SemiExtended Light Italic

Myriad® SemiExtended

Myriad® SemiExtended Italic

Myriad® SemiExtended Semibold

Myriad® SemiExtended Semibold Italic

Myriad® SemiExtended Bold

Myriad® SemiExtended Bold Italic

Myriad® SemiExtended Black

Myriad® SemiExtended Black Italic

New Century Schoolbook® Cyrillic Regular

New Century Schoolbook® Cyrillic Italic

New Century Schoolbook® Cyrillic Bold

New Century Schoolbook® Cyrillic Bold Italic

Palatino® Linotype Roman

Palatino® Linotype Italic

Palatino® Linotype Bold

Palatino® Linotype Bold Italic

Sabon® Cyrillic Roman

Sabon® Cyrillic Italic

Sabon® Cyrillic Bold

Sabon® Cyrillic Bold Italic

San Marco™ Cyrillic Roman

Stencil™ Cyrillic Bold

Times® Ten Cyrillic Upright

Times® Ten Cyrillic Inclined

Times® Ten Cyrillic Bold

Times® Ten Cyrillic Bold Inclined

Univers® Cyrillic 45 Light

Univers® Cyrillic 45 Light Oblique

Univers® Cyrillic 55 Roman

Univers® Cyrillic 55 Roman Oblique

Univers® Cyrillic 65 Bold

Univers® Cyrillic 65 Bold Oblique

Univers® Cyrillic 75 Black

Univers® Cyrillic 75 Black Oblique

University™ Cyrillic Roman

Warnock® Light

Warnock® Light Italic

Warnock® Regular

Warnock® Italic

Warnock® Semibold

Warnock® Semibold Italic

Warnock® Bold

Warnock® Bold Italic

Warnock® Light Subhead

Warnock® Light Italic Subhead

Warnock® Regular Subhead

Warnock® Italic Subhead

Warnock® Semibold Subhead

Warnock® Semibold Italic Subhead

Warnock® Bold Subhead

Warnock® Bold Italic Subhead

Warnock® Light Display

Warnock® Light Italic Display

Warnock® Regular Display

Warnock® Italic Display

Warnock® Semibold Display

Warnock® Semibold Italic Display

Warnock® Bold Display

Warnock® Bold Italic Dsplay

Warnock® Light Caption

Warnock® Light Italic Caption

Warnock® Regular Caption

Warnock® Italic Caption

Warnock® Semibold Caption

Warnock® Semibold Italic Caption

Warnock® Bold Caption

Warnock® Bold Italic Caption

Why Square™ Cyrillic Ultra Thin

Why Square™ Cyrillic Ultra Light

Why Square™ Cyrillic Thin

Why Square™ Cyrillic Light

Why Square™ Cyrillic Regular

Wiesbaden Swing™ Cyrillic Regular