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Bad Homburg, September 12th, 2005. As part of its continuous quest for typographic excellence, Linotype has initiated a special scholarship award in collaboration with the MA Typeface Design program at the University of Reading in the UK. Effective as of October 2005, the Linotype Scholarship will support typographic education, encouraging new research and the promotion of new designers.

The new scholarship program is an example of Linotype’s policy of supporting education. This policy is evident in Linotype’s 30% student discount, the large number of student interns who train at Linotype every year, and many other projects that are in collaboration with typography programs all over the world. For example, Linotype supports various book projects such as the "TryType experiments in typography" by the students of the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Linotype will present the award winner with 10,000 Euros to support tuition and expense fees, and an offer for a 3 month paid internship at the Linotype headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany. The Linotype Scholarship is available only for applicants who have already been accepted to the MA Typeface Design program at the University of Reading as full-time students.

This year’s winner is Tomas Brousil. Born in Slovakia and currently living in Prague, he started his career as an air mechanic and then geared into graphic design in 1998. His attention was captured early on by the intricacies of type design, and he set up in 2003 his own type foundry, Suitcase Type. His award-winning work has already been widely featured and his designs show strong creative talent and great potential. Linotype is pleased to be able to offer Tomas this opportunity to gain a wider perspective and more experience through further studies in Reading.

The Typography Department at the University of Reading has a long established and well-respected position in the typographic world, and has been a beacon for some of the finest typographers and designers for decades. The MA Typeface Design program provides a thorough grounding in the principles and methods of typeface design. The program incorporates the study of historical and theoretical issues with a considerable practical element, giving graduates an understanding of the constraints and potential of current technology, and equipping them with the skills to design and produce their own typefaces.

Curriculum Vitae of Tomáš Brousil

Tomáš Brousil

13. 5. 1975 in Nitra (Slovakia)

Education and Qualifications:
Vocational School in Prague: skilled Air Mechanic (1989–1992)
Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague – Èakovice: Applied Graphic Art (1994–1998)
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague: Fonts and Typography Studio (2002–now)

Carrer to date:
Air Force Repair Centre in Prague-Kbely: air mechanic (1993)
M M – Advertising Agency in Prague: graphic designer (1998–2002)
Suitcase Type Foundry: founder and creative director (2003–now)

e-a-t – Experiment and Typography: a project represents 35 designers from Czech and Slovak Republics; showcased in Brno, Prague – CZ; The Hague – NL; Bratislava – SK; Cieszyn – PL … (2004–now)
PraHague: an exhibition represented student´s works from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (CZ), as well as student´s works from Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL); showcased in Prague and in The Hague (2004)
Bookmarks: a selection of the Central European typography; showcased in Museum Meermanno in The Hague – NL (2004)

Typo (CZ), Font (CZ), Page (G) journals

Awards :
Excellent Student Design; Czech Design Centrum (2005)

Font sample

One of Tomáš Brousil´s typefaces: Fishmonger