How Type Systems Make Designing Easier

The sans serif typeface Syntax™ was designed by Switzerland’s Hans Eduard Meier, based on the proportions of a Renaissance roman type. It went into use in 1968 as the last hot-metal typeface from the D. Stempel type foundry. And has remained a classic through a variety of technical changes and adaptations. In collaboration with its creator, a gentle overhaul of the typeface was begun in 1995. Ultimately, after maintaining a manageable size for 20 years with semi-bold, bold and italic, the family acquired a few additions. In addition to Syntax Serif, we now have Syntax Letter (narrow type, e.g. for correspondence) and the display font Syntax Lapidar, each of which comes in numerous weights for a variety of purposes. The unusual part is that the variations originated from a sans serif type (usually it is the other way around) as well as the fact that the type family was successfully expanded to a system with four styles. Get more information about Linotype Syntax.

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