How Type Systems Make Designing Easier

Convenient and one-stop – the Compatil “Type system”

The “building block” type system Compatil™ provides flexibility, a variety of appearances and levels of distinction as well as immense compatibility since the letterspacing is identical in all styles. The system was inspired by Professor Olaf Leu, who began examining the corporate design of both small and large companies with the goal of raising the overall level of corporate communication – in everything from the business card to the annual report. There was no type family that was capable of handling the nuances of all different purposes. The idea of Compatil was born. Its name says it all. The overall concept is to achieve the greatest possible variety within a common intrinsic character. The result is four styles, each with small caps, semi-bold and true italic weights, all with identical letterspacing within each weight, making them easy to interchange.

Compatil Exquisit:
Modelled on the classic Venetian style, the typeface is precise yet welcoming.

Compatil Fact:
A sans serif in the style of American Gothic that is concise and functional (ideal for balance sheets and statistics).

Compatil Letter:
A slab serif that is both concise and stable.

Compatil Text:
An old style face between transitionals and modern face, producing texts with a cool and factual elegance.

Each style is easy to read, even in large amounts of text with small point type. In addition, Compatil Fact and Letter are especially suitable for prominent texts, like headings or sub-headings. Style changes at short notice are also easy, as all styles are weight compatible. Despite a variety of layout structures, a completed annual report seems to come from a single mold – and matches all of the company’s printed materials as well. Get more information about Linotype Compatil

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