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Bubbling Over with Creativity – Kids Value Pack

Linotype’s new Kids Value Pack contains five typefaces full of the same creative spirit found in children the world over. Playful loops and curls adorn the letterforms in these five fonts; text set in them will dance across the page!

This Value Pack is a marvelous cross section of the rich selection of top quality fun fonts from Linotype’s collection. Take advantage of this opportunity, and purchase the Kids Value Pack for the low price of !

These typefaces are included in the Kids Value Pack:

Bang™ was designed by David Sagorski in 1993 as a playful font of spirals. It consists of two capital alphabets which can be combined like the usual capitals and small caps, although both have the same height. They differ from one another only in the decorative forms which adorn them and the highly decorated characters of one set are complemented by the slightly more reserved characters of the second. Serious this font is not, rather, with its circles and spirals, Bang is best in point sizes 12 and larger and is meant for short texts and headlines.

Carumba™ is the work of California designer Jill Bell and like the name suggests, it exudes liveliness and festivity. The typeface includes three different styles of capital letters complemented by a versatile lower case alphabet. Carumba is perfect for anything which says FUN!

Gigi™ is the work of California artist Jill Bell. Its informal features and abundance of swirls make it a charming font with the spontaneity of true handwriting. Tight curlicues on many of the letters, particularly the capitals, are reminiscent of a Parisian schoolgirl’s quill pen script. A delightful face ideal for joyous events or for use in the fashion arena.

Dancin™, the inventive creation of the American designer David Sagorski, is based on this own memorable style of handwriting. Dancin is an unusual, carefree typeface, ornamented with dots and unusual strokes. Adding to its charm is a collection of entertaining illustrations.

ITC Jambalaya is the work of New York designer Frank Marciuliano, an adventurous, energetic display typeface. Marciuliano treats each character like its own work of art, resulting in a detailed and eclectic alphabet. The ITC Jambalaya is a lively typeface perfect for funky, upbeat display applications.

Order the Kids Fonts as Value Pack for instant download.

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