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Font Licensing

The following information concerns our licensing options that can be purchased online.
For details on the relevant licensing conditions, please see the EULA (end-user licence agreement) that you will be required to view and approve during the order process.
If you need individual consulting or if you are interested in customized solutions, you can use, this online form to contact us.

Licences for electronic publications (ePubs)

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An electronic publication licence authorises you to embed the font in electronic documents, such as e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers. Each licence is valid for one title only and for the full operating life of that title. If the font is not to be directly embedded in an electronic publication (if, for example, it is be used to generate a static image, such as the cover of an e-book), you will instead need to purchase a desktop font licence.
Every issue of an e-magazine, e-newspaper or other form of e-periodical is considered a separate, new publication. Format variations do not count as separate publications. You will not need to purchase new licences for updated versions of publications that are issued free to already existing readers. However, newly issued versions are defined as separate, new publications.
You’ll find answers to about common questions regarding extended licenses like licenses for electronic publications (ePubs) in our informative in our Web fonts FAQ section.

How to find ePub fonts on

Look for the ePub font tab on our Family pages and Product pages next to the App font tab. Here you can select and buy the desired ePub fonts.

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