Samir Sayegh

Samir Sayegh

Curriculum Vitae

Samir El Sayegh



Saint Savior Convent (Joun, Lebanon)
History of Art program at Ecole des Beaux Arts (Paris, France)

Art critic at the following publications: Lissan Al-Hal newspaper (1968-1970), Al-Anwar newspaper (1970-1980), Finoun Arabia magazine-London (1978-1982), Mawakef magazine (1969-1985), Al-Kifah Al-Arabi magazine (1982-1990), Fann magazine (1989-1991).

Various studies and articles on contemporary and Islamic art in other specialized journals and publications.

Jury member at Sursock Museum (1991 to date).
Lecturer at Graphic Arts Dept – American University of Beirut (1993 to date).

Maqam al-qaws wa ahwal al-sahm, poetry, 1980.

Islamic Art - A reading into its philosophy & aesthetic characteristics, 1988.

Contemporary Art in Syria, 1998 (co-editor).

Muthakarat Al Huruf, poetry, 2003.

Exhibitions (Arabic calligraphy)
1983: Galerie Elissar, Beirut
1987: Kulturzentrum, Kaslik
1988: Goethe Insitut, Tripoli
1988: Hariri Cultural Centre, Saida
1992: Galerie 50 x 70, Beirut
1996: Galerie 50 x 70, Beirut
1997: Galerie Atassi, Damascus
2003: Galerie Agial, Beirut
2004: First Sharjah Biennale for Calligraphy – Special Guest Exhibit

Some Executed Work
Applied Works
Moucharrabias of Omari Mosque – Beirut.
Wood and marble. Supervision: Yussef Haydar, architect.

Ceiling of Assila showroom.
Copper. Supervision: Yussef Haydar, architect.

Calligraphy for Books & Magazines
“Al Namus Al Sharif”.
Publisher: Balamand University. Supervision: Saad Kiwan.

History of Banks in Lebanon
Publisher: Audi Bank.

“Mediterranean Affairs” magazine (“Shu’un Al Awssat”).

“Oriental Arts” magazine (“Funun Sharqiah”).

Audi Institution – Saida.

Soap Museum – Saida.

Boutique “Liwan” – Paris.

Mena Jet – Arab Airline Company.
Supervision: “Mind The Gap”.

Syndicate of Engineers – Beirut & Tripoli.
Supervision: Leyla Musfi.

Beiteddine Festival.
Supervision: Leyla Musfi.

The South for Construction Company.
Supervision: Leyla Musfi.

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