Foreign Style 1 Value Pack

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Five top-quality fonts for exotic designs – our Foreign Style 1 Value Pack for only .

We’ve collected five type flavors together into our new Foreign Value Pack. The top-quality faces Linotype Chineze™, Mandarin, Linotype MhaiThaipe™, Tiger™, and Sho™ are priced right for both beginners and professionals.

These typefaces are included in the Foreign Style 1 Value Pack:

The German designer Peter Huschka created Linotype Chineze, a family of typefaces that resemble the calligraphic strokes found in Chinese characters, in 2002. Using a variety of brush-like elements, Linotype Chinese imbues the Roman alphabet with an Eastern flair. Try out this font in a menu, a comic book, or on food packaging!

Mandarin first appeared with the Type Founders of Chicago and is an interpretation of artistically drawn Asian brush calligraphy.
The stylized Asian atmosphere is not created only by the forms of the figures but also by the very name of the typeface. A mandarin was a high official of the ancient Chinese empire.
Alphabets like Mandarin font are often used for the menus, signs and advertisements of Asian restaurants as well as for businesses with Asian products.

Linotype Mhai Thaipe is the work of German designer Markus Remscheid, the name is not hard to recognize as an English-Asian play on "my type" and describes its general character. The small circles which ornament the alphabet and the unusual flowing forms which look like a mixture of Arabic and Sanskrit combine to give the typeface an ornamental, exotic look. Linotype Mhai Thaipe is best used for headlines with point sizes of 12 or larger.

The brush stroke font Sho was designed by internationally renowned calligrapher and type designer KarlGeorg Hoefer. Spontaneously set points at many letters and a strong difference between diagonals and starting/ending points give Sho that unmistakable appearance.

Linotype Tiger was created by German designers G. Jakob and J. Meißner. Linotype Tiger is a typeface without curves, rather, angular and almost aggressive. The forms are reminiscent of splinters of wood arranged to form letters, numerals and punctuation signs. The font contains five weights which can be combined experimentally with each other, even over each other, or combined with more neutral typefaces. With its energetic character, Linotype Tiger is genearlly suitable exclusively for headlines with point sizes of 18 or larger, although the weight Linotype Tiger Tame can also be used for shorter texts.

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