Type Gallery – Neue Hammer Unziale

Font Designer: Linotype Design Studio, 1988

Unzial typefaces consist of letter forms of the Capitalis Monumentalis and the majescule cursive. The origins of Unizial faces date back to the 5th century.
The Neue Hammer Unziale™ was developed from the Hammer typeface, which was designed by Victor Hammer in 1921, cut by A. Schuricht and appeared with the font foundry Klingspor in 1923. In 1953, American Uncial was expanded to include some new figures, also designed by Hammer, and was rereleased by Klingspor with the name Neue Hammer Unziale. The forms are based on old scripts in books of antiquity and the early Middle Ages and the font is a new variation of a classic.
Neue Hammer Unziale has been a favorite for certificates and diplomas and is recommended for headlines and shorter texts in a point size of 12 or larger.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Neue Hammer Unziale as a PDF.

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