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Special Editions: Books available exclusively from their publishers, instead of from, are listed here.
Decorate with Type

Decorate with Type by Harry C. Pears

This manual of decorative and new fonts is quite unique.
Typeface Catalog A–Z

Typeface Catalog A–Z

Sift through the OpenType typefaces of the libraries of Monotype, Linotype, ITC and Adobe by using this simple reference work; hot off the press, this book is the new edition of our “font bible” …
Helvetica – Homage to a Typeface

Helvetica – Homage to a Typeface Edited by Lars Müller

This book includes designs gathered together in honor of the typeface Helvetica, created by superb designers and anonymous amateurs from all over the world. English, Paperback…
trytype – experiments in typography

trytype – experiments in typography

A cooperative project between Linotype GmbH and the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden …

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Graphic Designer Antonia Henschel presents a series of isolated words in this book – all of them "four-letter words." …


Brush ’n’ Script by Geum-hee Hong

A selection of beautiful handwriting and scripts, from classic and elegant to extravagant and modern.

Letterfontein by Joep Pohlen

A new edition of Letterfontein.

Retrofonts by Gregor Stawinski

Retrofonts categorizes pop culture typefaces of the past—known and unknown—as well as a hefty chunk of revivals, too. The book even comes with a CD full of a few free fonts.
Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles

Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles by Jan Tholenaar, Cees de Jong

Type is primarily a gorgeous eye-candy display of scans from Jan Tholenaar’s collection of ornamental type specimen from the 1800s.
Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves by Doyald Young

“In Dangerous Curves I have attempted to show both emerging and expert designers how, in an age of computer-dominated design, the designer can turn to their very own hands for both inspiration and solution.
Fonts & Logos

Fonts & Logos: Font Analysis, Logotype Design, Typography, Type Comparison by Doyald Young

Fonts & Logos is a comprehensive book on basic typography.
Logotypes & Letterforms

Logotypes & Letterforms: Handlettered Logotypes and Typographic Considerations by Doyald Young

This 388-page showcase of 169 hand-drawn logos is illustrated with more than 300 pencil sketches to explain the design process.

“Alphabet Stories”
by Hermann Zapf

This richly illustrated, first person narrative encompasses Prof. Hermann Zapf’s life and work from his childhood days in Nuremberg though to his newest typeface releases with Linotype GmbH.