About Linotype Veto

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Veto is a functional font with a very wide application range. It tends to be considered a cool and slightly masculine font that is more closely related to Frutiger® than to the warm and more feminine appearing Univers®.

This is how Adrian Frutiger described Veto in 1994: “It is not easy to make a sans serif look original without drifting into the category of fantasy fonts. But Marco Ganz has succeeded: this font has many new characteristics, yet is still classic.” I will allow myself the liberty here of attempting to describe the essence of Veto by comparing it with Frutiger.

Frutiger was released in 1976, Veto in 1994, almost twenty years later. At the time, Frutiger represented a great step forward. Today, people like to say that everybody everywhere was instantly enthusiastic, but that is not how I remember it. In Switzerland, at least, graphic designers remained skeptical for quite a while, saying it hadn’t been developed as well as
Univers. It was years before I understood what a milestone Frutiger actually was. Some things just take time.

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