Type Gallery – ITC Johann Sparkling

Font Designer: Viktor Solt, 1998
ITC Johann Sparkling™ is the work of Austrian designer Viktor Solt, a perfect imitation of the handwriting of an educated person of the 18th century. “ITC Johann Sparkling is intended to close the gap between highly formal copperplate scripts and the scribbled look of ‘true’ handwriting,” says Solt. “I am not much interested in highly formal and perfect calligraphy, but in quick, personal-looking scripts. Usually I start with some historica samples. I do not try to copy these sources, but to incorporate them into my own handwriting. It takes up to two weeks and many sheet so paper until the respective script becomes my own. Of course, this would not be an economic approach to individual lettering jobs, but I can conserve the custom script for future use by digitizing it.” ITC Johann Sparkling should be used in fairly large point sizes and its capitals only as initials.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of ITC Johann Sparkling as a PDF.

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