Type Gallery – Sabon

Font Designer: Jan Tschichold, 1967

Jan Tschichold created the font Sabon® and based his typeface design on a version of Garamond™ designed by Jakob Sabon and Conrad Berner. Sabon was similar produced for three foundrys: D.Stempel AG, Linotype and Monotype. Classic, elegant, and extremely legible, the font Sabon is one of the most beautiful Garamond variations.
The font Sabon is particularly good for text and headlines in: books/text, magazines, advertisements, documentation/business reports, corporate design, multimedia, correspondence.
The font Sabon combines well with:
Almost all sans serif fonts in the style of Frutiger® or Syntax®.
Slab serif fonts like PMN Caecilia®, Egyptienne 505.
Script and brush fonts like Sho™, Ruling Script™.
Black letters like Old English, Clairvaux™.
Fun fonts like Grafilone™, Animalia™, Araby Rafique™.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Sabon as a PDF.

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