Press Releases 2004

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The press releases contained in this archive section are provided for historical purposes only. The information contained in each press release is accurate only as of the date each press release was originally issued. Linotype GmbH disavows any obligation to update the information contained in such press releases after the date of their issuance.

Linotype presents top selection from TakeType Library
Fonts from the cutting edge

Innovative designers have come to know the Linotype TakeType Library as a surefire source of inspiration and creativity. Now everyone who appreciates its rich possibilities for individual design can look forward to a comprehensive compilation of 67 innovative font families with a total of 130 weights.
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Linotype expands portfolio of the Compatil Type System
Compatil 6.0 sets a new standard in style

Linotype has enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of its innovative Compatil Type System. In addition to cross-platform solutions in OpenType format and numerous design improvements, genuine italics are now available for each type style in the system.
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The begin of a desktop revolution
New Linotype font package integrated in QuarkXPress 6.5

The new release of QuarkXPress 6.5 marks a groundbreaking new development in desktop publishing. Now, for the first time, an integrated font package from Linotype GmbH will provide publishers and designers with unprecedented font services in the page layout software QuarkXPress.
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New fonts for all reasons
Exciting new Linotype releases – exclusively in OpenType format

Linotype introduces 19 new typeface families exclusively in OpenType format for a variety of practical and specific design applications. From completely developed families like the highly legible and flexible Diverda™ to just-for-fun fonts like the edgy Sharquefin™, Linotype continues to deliver a wide spectrum of up-to-date type solutions to meet the modern user’s every demand.
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The new, unabridged Linotype ITC Library
The full force of Linotype ITC, Letraset and Fontek fonts

From Aachen Medium™ to ITC Wild West™, the whole Linotype landscape of digitized ITC, Letraset and Fontek fonts has never before been offered in one complete package. Anyone who already uses and appreciates such landmark typefaces as ITC Officina®, ITC Stone® and ITC Bodoni™ will hardly be able to resist this new offer.
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An exclusive Linotype Font Feature
Now online – a nonlinear history of sans serifs by Adrian Frutiger

How closely has the simplification of letter shapes over the last centuries reflected the changing times? Are serifs merely an unnecessary encumbrance from the past soon to be phased out for good? Or do they really improve the overall legibility of a typeface? These questions and many more are investigated in a fascinating text by the world-famous type designer Adrian Frutiger.
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Best Annual Reports 2004
Compatil in the Top Ten

For the tenth consecutive year, manager magazine has analyzed and
evaluated the annual reports of some 200 stock-exchange listed companies
in Germany and Europe. In the "Design" category, most of the favorites used
the Compatil type system from Linotype Library.
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Linotype font mix ideal for newspapers
Sabon Next takes on the press

For the first time on May 29, 2004, the widely circulated daily newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse introduced a mix of Linotype fonts to improve its overall look and legibility: Sabon Next regular and bold for body copy and Bodoni Classico roman and bold for headlines.
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MyFonts Becomes Fastest Growing Reseller of Linotype Fonts
Honored for highest increase in absolute sales for 2003

MyFonts, a subsidiary of Bitstream Inc. (Nasdaq: BITS), and Linotype today announced that MyFonts has been honored as the number one reseller worldwide for the highest increase in absolute sales of Linotype fonts for 2003.
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Avenir Next joins Linotype’s Platinum Collection
Linotype presents Avenir Next, a classic font by Adrian Frutiger, thereby expanding the Platinum Collection with a further typography highlight.

After a thorough overhaul, the font Avenir, designed by Swiss typeface artist Adrian Frutiger and published by Linotype, is now available as Avenir Next in the Platinum Collection.
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Lomo is a lifestyle...
Internet age fonts now available from Linotype

Linotype Library is now the official publisher of some quintessential typefaces for the internet age: the Lomo Font Dynasty.
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Germany’s new government typefaces are from Linotype Library.

Linotype Library is the licenser of the German government’s new corporate design typefaces.
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Linotype International Type Design Contest 2003 by Markus Hanzer

A question is often raised in connection with the International Type Design Contest: What do we need new type designs for anyway?
Ever since my childhood, I’ve had a special affinity for fonts.
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Hand-drawn elegance for a digital age
"Zapfino Extra" – the new dimension of digital calligraphy

The fine art of calligraphy will never be the same. Typography master Hermann Zapf has completely reworked and expanded his renowned font family to design "Zapfino Extra", opening up even greater possibilities for the field of digital calligraphy.
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Tomorrow’s classics on one CD
"Linotype Fresh Cream" – the icing on the cake

For graphic designers and advertising agencies, this is the icing on the cake: "Linotype Fresh Cream."
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