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In September 2008, Russia hosted its first ATypI conference. The ATypI, or Association Typographique International, is an organization of typographers and type designers. Every year, they meet together in a different city. Despite the strong contribution that Russian designers have made to the typographic fields in the past, this was their first opportunity to invite the international type community to such an event on their soil.

Several Linotype employees and designers were present at this conference. Afterwards, they decided that it was time to create a Cyrillic extension for Zapfino. The best of the Latin Zapfino alphabet components was chosen – Zapfino Extra One. The typeface designer brought on board to draw the final Cyrillic characters to match these was Jovica Veljovic. Veljovic is on the faculty at the the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Original hailing from Belgrade, he moved to Germany during the early 1990s. Even before his arrival in Germany, however, he had significant exchanges with Hermann Zapf.

Like Zapf, Veljovic is an accomplished calligrapher. He has designed several typeface families for ITC, Adobe, and Linotype as well. Since the Serbs also write their language in the Cyrillic script, Veljovic was the most-suitable candidate to undertake this work on Zapfino.

The Cyrillic extension to Zapfino Extra completely matches the Latin original in spirit, all while still remaining true to the roots of Cyrillic calligraphic letterforms. By releasing Zapfino Extra Cyrillic, Linotype extends the reach of the successful Zapfino design further eastward. Now, all of the main Slavic languages that use the Cyrillic script may be clothed in Zapfino as well. Brands in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, or Serbia may make use of Zapfino’s distinct letterforms in both the Cyrillic and the Latin script. Readers in even more countries can now experience Hermann Zapf’s visual ideas first-hand.

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