Zapfino™ Extra

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Working well with Zapfino™ Extra ...

... requires an understanding of some principles.

Hyper-flourishes: These very big flourishes should not be incorporated into a text too often. The best place for long ascenders is the first textline or the space after a paragraph. Big descenders should be places in the last textline. The position of swashes and especially of hyper-flourishes must be controlled and care is needed to ensure that ascenders and descenders do not touch. The overlapping of swashes must be balanced and sometimes the word or the line should be moved a little to avoid becoming too entangled with letters in the next textline. Care must be taken that flourishes allow each other room for their exuberant expressions.

Finals: Use finals very rarely and only to end a message or to add en ending element. Try to avoid overloading a design with unnecessary elements.

Inititals: The same as with inititals for monograms. Sometimes a small change in the typesize is needed to get the desired effect.
Capital letters: The Zapfino™ alphabet number one with Roman capitals should be correctly spaced as soon they are used for capitalizing words within a text. Try also using small caps at the beginning of words. Swash capital letters of Zapfino™ should never be used to capitalize words.

Composition: Zapfino™ is best used not in a solid block arrangement, but in more dynamic,free-running lines. Zapfino™ should not be mixed with other italic alphabets for Zapfino has an extreme slant of 15° and a unique ductus and feeling unmatched by any other typeface.

The lively expression of the Zapfino™ typefaces is best balanced by restraint and discriminating selection of the most appropriate shape.

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Publishing Praxis article issue 12/2003 about Zapfino Extra is available as pdf file. Please download:
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