Type Gallery – Hildegard

Font Designer: Jan Sonntag, 2003

A winner font of Linotype´s International Type Design Contest 2003 (2nd prize category text).
Hildegard™ is a sans serif text face that works well in both larger and smaller point sizes. On close inspection, one will discover a world of subtle angle variation within the letters’ structure that is loosely inspired the stroke movements one uses in calligraphy. These built-up strokes create visible ink traps at many joints, which in smaller sizes play a functional as well as an aesthetic role.
The Hildegard family of typefaces may be used in either text or display sizes. The family includes the following four fonts: Hildegard Regular, Hildegard Italic, Hildegard Bold, and Hildegard Bold Italic.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Hildegard as a PDF.

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