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Xmas Value Pack – Present your presents in a better light
Tired of seeing the same typographic motifs repeated year after year when the holiday season comes around? At Linotype.com, we are breaking the mold with our new Xmas Value Pack! Five fabulous fonts are sure to set the mood for cheer and gift giving, and include an exquisite symbol font along with four other typefaces. These selections all work together to create a superb seasonal spirit.

These typefaces are included in the Xmas Value Pack:

Cabarga Cursiva™
The father and son team of Demetrio E. and Leslie Carbarga of New York created the Carbarga Cursiva display face in 1982. Coupling luscious curves with a sporty inline, this typeface exudes holiday cheerfulness. Carbarga Cursiva would be a great choice for your holiday newsletter’s headlines.

Koch® Antiqua
Master German calligrapher Rudolf Koch created this elegant design during the 1920s. Using this typeface in your holiday invitations and correspondence will add a formal, timeless quality to them that will leave others speechless! Koch Antiqua is suitable for use in a wide vary of sizes and applications, making it appropriate both as a text and display face.

English Script
English Script is a typeface made in the manner of English Copperplate, a kind of writing that was very popular in England during the 18th Century. Also referred to as English Round Hand, the style was promulgated by various writing masters, who published copybooks of their handwriting for students to use as guides.
The style has remained popular to this day, and almost no sort of font is more readily identifiable with the ideas of “formal,” “old fashioned,” “traditional,” or “high society.” English Script is the perfect choice for use on wedding invitations and other announcements.

Russisch Brot™
Children and adults all over Germany love to munch on crunchy letters shaped like cookies called “Russisches Brot.” These snacks inspired German designer Markus Remscheid to create a special typeface displaying these beloved shapes. Russisch Brot presents round, warm, and fuzzy letters, which look a lot like Christmas cookies, or holiday decorations. This display font is sure to enliven your holiday design palette!

Calligraphic Ornaments™
English designer Richard Bradley created the Calligraphic Ornaments symbol font for ITC in the 1990s. Drawn in a lively traditional style similar to fine calligraphy, this font’s characters set the perfect holiday spirit with little teddy bears, a Santa Claus, ringing bells, holly leaves, and other charms.

Order the Xmas Value Pack as Value Pack for instant download.
Xmas Value Pack

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