Poster Fonts

The text above is set in Helvetica™ compressed.
Poster fonts are eye-catching, expressive fonts that are highly legible from a distance. When designing a poster, it is often important to put as much information into as small of a space as possible. In these cases, bold condensed fonts can work the best! Our selection of poster type runs the gamut from good, legible fonts to super experimental display fonts that only work in very large sizes. We also have several all-caps headline faces that are especially creative.

Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite poster fonts. Use our usage search for ’Poster’ to find many more poster fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Classical | Experimental | Slab Serifs | Display & Headline | Excellent Script Faces
Frutiger black condensed
Frutiger™ black condensed

Usage sample
ITC Garamond bold condensed
ITC Garamond® bold condensed™

Usage sample
Futura extrabold condensed
Futura® extrabold condensed™

Usage sample
Eurostile condensed
Eurostile™ condensed

Usage sample
Folio extra bold
Folio® extra bold
Franklin Gothic extra condensed
Franklin Gothic extra condensed

Usage sample
Antique Olive bold condensed
Antique Olive™ bold condensed
Trade Gothic bold condensed
Trade Gothic™ bold condensed
Slab Serifs
Display & Headline
Excellent Script Faces