Type Gallery – Samba

Font Designer: Tony and Caio de Marco, 2003
A winner font of Linotype´s International Type Design Contest 2003 (3rd price category display).
The Samba™ family was inspired by the lettering art of J. Carlos, a Brazilian illustrator during the early 20th century. Turned into a workable series of fonts by the contemporary Brazilian designers Tony and Caio de Marco, Samba is especially recommended for use in logos, flyers, posters, and tattoos! This family of types offers the user a chance to mix three different styles of lettering into one coherent design, which can be very useful in solving certain design problems. While the regular Samba face is made up of mono-line letters, the style of Samba bold offers much more of a thick to thin contrast. The Samba Expert set displays lavish swash endings, which were inspired by Brazilian metal work.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Samba as a PDF

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