Celebration in honour of Hermann Zapf

Through his prolific output of type designs and publications Hermann Zapf has influenced and enriched type and typographic design throughout the world over six decades.
His type designs are admired the world over: people everywhere use his types when transferring their thoughts to paper or screen.
Zapf’s designs are contemporary interpretations of traditional classical forms and ideals. He has applied traditional values to the requirements of contemporary technologies. Zapf has maintained - and enabled others to maintain - high standards of quality in type design and typography through the many changes in typesettig technology that have taken place since hot-metal.
On 26 november, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and Linotype have honoured a friend and partner, whose work has been shaping the industry for 60 years and which continues to do so today.
On the following pages please find more information about the exceptional event, written by Andrew Boag.

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