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Corporate Fonts

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Corporate fonts are customized fonts to suit the needs and image of any type of business. Professional corporate design which unmistakably represents a company is in today’s world a necessity and corporate typefaces and logos are a deciding factor in its success.
Customized Fonts help establish a company’s corporate brand design and are a key to their integration into all communication processes. Linotype can draw on years of experience with the development of customized fonts. Our type experts will work with you to find an individual solution which will further strengthen and refine your company’s corporate identity. This is just a small selection of types which we developed for both small and large businesses in a variety of branches.

Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite corporate fonts. Use our usage search for ’Corporate’ to find many more corporate fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Classical, traditional businesses | Businesses in scientific and medical fields | IT & Internet | Wellness and Fashion | Products for kids
Classical, traditional businesses
For this type of company, high-quality, legible, serious types are a must. Customized sans serif and serif classics are an excellent choice.
Businesses in scientific and medical fields
Neutral modern types are best for companies in this branch. Progress paired with a traditional, trustworthy touch should set the tone for corporate communications.
IT & Internet
A futuristic, technical image is a fitting goal for corporate communications in this branch. Linotype can offer a wide spectrum of modern, legible typefaces perfect for computer technology companies. The large number of businesses in this branch makes it all the more important to communicate a consistent, recognizable corporate identity.
Wellness and Fashion
Businesses in this branch want to be associated with pleasant ideas or feelings. This goal affects not just the choice of type but also the color scheme and design of corporate communications. Sometimes an elegant, feminine look is just the thing, while other companies choose the cool, sophisticated types which are becoming ever more popular.
Products for kids
Businesses will want to choose typefaces that are easily legible and recognizable and also have a cheerful, playful touch.