Blackletter Fonts

The text above is set in Old English.
Based on Gothic type and late medieval calligraphy, these styles range from those marking the beginning of Gothic printing to the ornate Gothic types of 19th century Germany. This category also includes faces with a Gothic look but created by modern type designers.
Blackletter types include the ß character and ligatures (ch, sch, tz, etc.) and therefore have a narrower character width than roman style types. Our selection includes types in the Old English as well as blackletter styles.

Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite blackletter fonts. Use our keyword search for ’Blackletter’ to find many more blackletter fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Mediaeval/Gothic | Celtic | Modern
Traditional blackletter types bring to mind knights and ladies and jousts and castles and are unmistakably associated with the Middle Ages. Today they are used in a variety of applications, in headlines, logos, signs, fantasy games, movies and much more. The word Gothic suggests a dark, mystical atmosphere, making these fonts a good choice for anything from Halloween invitations to Gothic-style graphic design to CD labels and posters.
Celtic fonts suggest Gaelic and Celtic culture and are an excellent choice for headlines and short texts in literature about travel, art and history or on the covers of games and videos. Use them wherever a mystical, Celtic touch is needed. Take a look at your local Irish pub for examples!
Modern blackletter fonts were created by contemporary type designers who wanted to revive a style of the past with new, expressive forms and techniques. Sometimes these blackletter elements are only subtly suggested but they are always instrumental to the overall look. A good choice for contemporary typography with Gothic or blackletter themes.